We started playing League and Drinking Wine

Playing LoL while Making Wine

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So you are playing this game and you are expecting something in return even if it is just pure enjoyment? Well then I got news for you, hang in there so you read all of what we have to say about LoL – League of legends current state of the game

First of all allow me to make it clear that this guide is not produced by me. I make this point clear because I do not want to appropriate work carried out by someone else. My intention is to publish it reaches the maximum number of individuals possible and react to the wave of threads created about the famous “Elo hell” this is similar to World of Warcraft so keep that in mind if you plan on getting some WoW Coaching Lessons, this is the same basically.

Drinking WINE does NOT help while playing LoL

This guide is made ​​because of the user aener and was originally published into the Lolesp community. At the end of the post is the link.

Read the guide carefully because every word has more reason than before and in case you really want improved do much good. No more to say I leave because of the guide.

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This guide will try to help you will get you to reach your highest ELO, I’ve been playing LoL since beta while the U.S. through the first a number of GOA ELO I managed to be almost always in a ELO well above average because I got the best LoL Lessons ever during the time I was playing this game. During this time many people have added us to LoL looking for a magic formula to climb ELO and that is the reason why I made a decision to create this guide, just hope you help and do not crucify me as part of this community does with everyone who attempts to help (begin to see the case of fool who’s always attempting to help you rain sticks everywhere nonsense.) So without further delay let’s get started!

The very first thing you should know together with sooner you say it much better THE ELO HELL THERE ARE PARENTS Sorry to be so abrupt but it’s true. The ELO hell (get out of it here) is certainly not more than our stop normally in which our company is not able to hold easily and need more.

So the very first thing we needs to do is turn to ourselves and ask: Am I able to last hit correctly Is the correct focus in team fights is to make and position myself properly do We have sufficiently developed my map awareness do I have enough knowledge?? metagame?

These skills are what might be called “basic strategy of LoL” right here in Online Video Games this is certainly the first thing you should learn in LoL and LoL every player worth his salt should always be controlled. I will not stand to explain these concepts as this guide is actually for those people who have already passed this stage.

After answering these questions positively a great way to determine if you’ve reached your maximum ELO or not, is to measure our superiority over other players in our games (both our team and the opponent). To do try to play X number of items (the greater the greater) along with your best characters and roles and regardless of whether you win or lose analyze you to ultimately yourself, your score, your farming, your capability to gain early, your ability to not take your team compromising situations. . . so take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/League_of_Legends to start this